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Debt Ceiling: GW Experts Available to Comment

The George Washington University has experts available to comment on the upcoming debt ceiling deadline

February 06, 2014

To schedule an interview with an expert, please contact the Office of Media Relations at [email protected] or 202-994-6460.

Christopher Arterton
Professor of Political Management
Professor Arterton is available to discuss the strategic environment of American political leaders, which encompasses the news media and communications technology generally, political strategy and tactics, public opinion and ethics and leadership in politics.

Lara Brown
Director of the Political Management Program
Professor Brown is available to discuss how to build coalitions to solve the debt ceiling debate on Capitol Hill.

Neil Buchanan
Professor of Law
Professor Buchanan is available to discuss budgeting, deficits, debt and federal income tax. In his new book, “The Debt Ceiling Disaster,” he explains his view that the debt ceiling law is unconstitutional, and how the President can and cannot respond if Republicans refuse to govern responsibly and raise the ceiling when necessary.

Joseph Cordes
Associate Director, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration
Professor Cordes is an expert in tax, budget and regulatory policy.

Mark Kennedy
Director of the Graduate School of Political Management; Professor of Political Management
Professor Kennedy is available to discuss how to build coalitions to solve the debt ceiling debate on Capitol Hill.

Danny Leipziger
Professor of International Business
Professor Leipziger is available to discuss international economic policy, macro and economic growth and development economics. Professor Leipziger is also managing director of the Growth Dialogue and is available to discuss other facets of economic growth.

David Rehr
Adjunct Faculty Member in the Graduate School of Political Management
Professor Rehr has over 25 years of experience in federal policy. He has specific expertise in legislative and regulatory strategic planning, marketing and public affairs initiatives and financial management.

Tara Sinclair
Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs
Professor Sinclair can speak about empirical macroeconomics, GDP, monetary policy, economic forecasting, inflation and business cycle