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EPA Proposal: GW Experts Available to Comment

June 02, 2014

The George Washington University has experts available to discuss today's proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency, which would slash carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal plants by up to 30 percent by 2030.

Legal, political and public health experts are available to comment.

To schedule an interview with one of the below experts, contact GW Media Relations at [email protected] or 202-994-6460.

Lara Brown, director of the Political Management program, is an expert on national elections, presidential candidates, congressional incumbents and American political parties. She can discuss how the announcement will be used on the campaign trail and how this will affect the working dynamic between the White House and Congress in the months ahead.

Ram Fishman, assistant professor of economics, can speak about the global significance of the announcement from the point of view of climate change action.

Robert Glicksman, J. B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Environmental Law, is an expert on natural resources law and climate change. He can explain the legal regulations outlined in the EPA proposal. Mr. Glicksman has authored many papers on environmental issues including "Risk Regulation at Risk: A Pragmatic Approach and Pollution Limits and Polluters’ Efforts to Comply: The Role of Government Monitoring and Enforcement."

Peter LaPuma, associate professor of environmental and occupational health, is an expert on alternative sources of energy. He can talk about the feasibility and impact of the new EPA proposal to cut carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants.

Frank Sesno, director of the School of Media and Public Affairs, is an expert on energy and climate change. He is the creator of Planet Forward, a user-driven web and television project that highlights innovations in sustainability. Mr. Sesno can discuss the relationship between the proposed rule and long-term sustainability.

Tara Sonenshine, distinguished fellow in the School of Media and Public Affairs, is available to discuss the relationship between the proposed rule and long-term sustainability.