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George Washington University Experts are Available to Comment on Syria

September 03, 2013

202-994-3087; [email protected]
Kurt Hiatt
202-994-1849; [email protected]

George Washington University has experts available to comment to media about both the domestic and international implications of taking military action in Syria.

To schedule an interview with an expert below to discuss Syria from domestic political angles contact Angela Olson at [email protected] or 202-994-3087.

Christopher Arterton, professor of political management, is available to comment on the lack of public support for military action in Syria.

Lara Brown, director of the Political Management Program, is available to comment on lawmakers remarks during the Senate hearing.  

To schedule an interview with an expert below to discuss the international implications of taking action in Syria, contact Kurtis Hiatt at [email protected] or 202-735-6361.

Stephen Biddle, professor of political science and international affairs who specializes in U.S. national security policy, military strategy and the conduct of war, technology in modern warfare and recent operations in the war on terror. See his recent Q&A on this topic in GW Today.

Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., Kuwait professor of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula affairs, who focuses on Middle East politics, the Persian Gulf region.

Marc Lynch, director of GW’s Institute for Middle East Studies, who specializes in Middle East politics, Arab media and public opinion, Islamist movements and public diplomacy.

Ronald Spector, professor of history and international affairs and a scholar of modern military history.