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George Washington University Experts Available to Comment on Connecticut School Shooting

December 17, 2012


George Washington University experts are available to comment on various aspects of the recent Connecticut elementary school shooting. To schedule an interview, contact Jill Sankey at 202-994-6466 or [email protected] A message from GW President Steven Knapp is available online. 

Counseling, Grieving and How to Speak with Children about this Incident

Sylvia Marotta
Professor of Counseling

Paul Tschudi
Visiting Assistant Professor of Health Care Sciences

Sam Steen
Assistant Professor of Counseling

Monica Megivern
Director of the Community Counseling Service
Associate Professor of Counseling

Rebecca Dedmond
Assistant Professor of Counseling

Kenneth Hergenrather
Interim Chair of the Dept of Counseling and Human Development
Associate Professor of Counseling

Sara Cho Kim 
Assistant Professor of Counseling

Richard Cooter
Coordinator of the Forensic Psychology Program
Associate Professor of Forensic Psychology

Cynthia Rohrbeck
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology

Elizabeth Witmer
Staff Counselor

President Obama's Speech and Gun Control Legislation

Sarah Binder
Professor of Political Science

John Sides
Associate Professor of Political Science

Larry Parnell
Associate Professor in the College of Professional Studies

Steve Billet
Director of the Legislative Affairs Program
Associate Professor of Political Management

Michael Cornfield
Acting Director of the Political Management Program