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GW Experts Available to Comment on Supreme Court Rulings on D.O.M.A. and California's Proposition 8

The Supreme Court has ruled D.O.M.A. unconstitutional, and dismissed the California Proposition 8 appeal. George Washington University has both legal experts and LGBT experts available to speak to media.

To request these or any other GW experts, please email [email protected].

Legal Experts

Christopher Bracey
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor Bracey is an expert on constitutional law and civil rights.

David Fontana
Associate Professor of Law
Professor Fontana is an expert on constitutional law, politics and the legal system.

Alan Morrison
Lerner Family Associate Dean for Public Interest and Public Service Law
Professor Morris has argued 20 cases in the Supreme Court.

Jeffry Rosen
Professor of Law
Professor Rosen is an expert in constitutional law.

Jonathan Turley
J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law
Professor Turley is an expert in constitutional law and legal history.

LGBT Experts

Stephen Forssell
Director of GW's LGBT Health Graduate Certificate Program
Professor Forssell can discuss the history of LGBT rights in the U.S., developmental outcomes of children with LGBT parents who are in a legal marriage and the connection between access to marriage rights and access to health care.

Robert McRuer
Professor of English
Professsor  McRuer  is an expert in  LGBT rights and struggles in the U.S., including debates over marriage.