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GW Experts for President’s Vietnam-Japan Trip

May 18, 2016
President Barack Obama will travel to Vietnam and Japan on May 21-28. He will be the first sitting president to visit Hiroshima, Japan, the site of the first use of an American atomic bomb. Experts from the George Washington University are available for interviews on historical and contemporary issues surrounding each nation and the U.S.’s relationship with them.
To schedule interviews, contact Jason Shevrin at 202-994-5631 or [email protected]. GW’s Flash Studio can accommodate live, remote or taped television and radio interviews.
Shawn F. McHale is an associate professor of history and international affairs. He first went to Vietnam in 1989 and has followed the country ever since. He speaks Vietnamese and regularly delivers lectures to Foreign Service officers who are assigned to Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Dr. McHale can comment about issues related to Vietnam, including the South China Sea, general foreign policy issues, dissent in Vietnam and religious issues. 
Hugh Gusterson is a professor of anthropology and international affairs. He has written several articles on Hiroshima and its cultural and symbolic significance today. He is also an expert on America’s history as a nuclear power. 
Richard C. Thornton is a professor of history and international affairs. He is an expert on U.S. foreign policy and relations in Asia. He can speak about the history of U.S.-Japan relations; the Sino-Japanese and Sino-American-Japanese relationships; and issues surrounding the islands of the Western Pacific, such as the disputed Senkaku Islands.
Gary Nordlinger, professional in residence for global advocacy, is an expert on politics and elections. He can discuss the political implications of the president’s trip, as well as the effects it may have on foreign politics. Mr. Nordlinger will lead a student group on a trip to Asia next week to study political advocacy in Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo.  
Alasdair Bowie is an associate professor of political science and international affairs and can discuss the politics and government of Vietnam. His research focuses on comparative political economy, development and Southeast Asia. He was a 2010-11 Fulbright research scholar in Vietnam.
Alexander B. Downes is an associate professor of political science and international affairs. He is an expert on international security, civilian victimization in war and the consequences of foreign-imposed regime change. He can comment on the effects of American atomic bombs on Japan