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MH17: GW Experts on Situation in Ukraine

July 23, 2014
Last week’s plane crash in Ukraine further complicated the geopolitical landscape both in the region and worldwide. GW has experts available to comment on several issues in play.
To schedule an interview with any of the below experts, contact Jason Shevrin at 202-994-5631 or [email protected]
Experts on the Russia-Ukraine relationship and international affairs:
Robert Orttung, assistant director of GW’s Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, is an expert on Russia and Ukraine. He can discuss the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in detail. Watch video of Dr. Orttung discussing the situation in Ukraine.
Cory Welt, associate research professor of international affairs, is an expert on Russian security and post-Soviet politics. He can link the history of the region with the current conflict.
Experts on international media:
Sean Aday, associate professor of media and public affairs, is an expert on political communication and media coverage of war. He can discuss how media coverage affects foreign policy.
P.J. Crowley, fellow at GW’s Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication, is a former assistant secretary of state. He is available to discuss foreign policy issues and the relationship between Russia and Ukraine.
Janet Steele, associate professor of media and public affairs, is an expert on Southeast Asian media. She can comment on media coverage and cultural implications of both Malaysia Airlines disasters. 
Silvio Waisbord, professor of media and public affairs, is an expert on global media. He can comment on worldwide coverage and reaction to the situation in Ukraine.
William Youmans, assistant professor of media and public affairs, is an expert on the media’s role in transnational social movements. He can also comment on media and terrorism.
Experts on international law:
Dinah Shelton, Manatt/Ahn Professor of International Law, is an expert in international human rights law. She can discuss the legal ramifications of the crash response.
Ralph Steinhardt, professor of law and international affairs, is an expert on international law, foreign affairs, treaty law and the law of war. He can describe the complicated legal environment surrounding the situation in Ukraine.
Edward Swaine, professor of law, is an expert on international law, foreign relations law, treaty law and European Union law. He can comment on legal and treaty obligations of various nations involved.
GW’s Flash Studio, a state-of-the-art broadcast studio, is available for remote, live or taped television and radio interviews. The studio is operated in partnership with VideoLink.