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Minimum Wage Debate: GW Experts Available to Comment

The George Washington University has experts available to comment on the minimum wage increase discussion.

December 06, 2013

To schedule an interview with an expert, please contact the Office of Media Relations at [email protected] or 202-994-6460.

Burt Barnow
Amsterdam Professor of Public Service
Dr. Barnow is an expert in labor economics.

Charles B. Craver
Freda H. Alverson Professor of Law
Professor Craver is an expert on labor and employment law.

Danny Leipziger
Professor of International Business
Dr. Leipziger has expertise in economic growth, fiscal policy and the middle class. He is available to comment on how raising the minimum wage would impact inflation, earnings and distribution.

Tara M. Sinclair
Associate Professor
Dr. Sinclair can speak to the economic effects of raising the minimum wage.

David K. Rehr
Adjunct Professor
Dr. Rehr is an expert on lobbying, from grassroots to back room, and has a Ph.D. in economics.