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Media Tip Sheet: Tampa Has Not Prepared for Extreme Storms Like Ian

As Hurricane Ian barrels its way toward Florida, Tampa and other Florida cities are bracing for the impact.

Media Tip Sheet: Investigating the Underlying Forces of Natural Disasters

Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. If you would like more context on this matter, please consider GW's Lisa Benton-Short.

Tools and Education Can Reduce Sugary Drink Consumption For Low-Income Latino Families

Providing low-income families with a water filter pitcher to use at home increases their water consumption and decreases their consumption of sugary drinks.

Media Tip Sheet: U.S. Ratifies Global Treaty That Phases Out Potent Greenhouse Gases

The U.S. ratified a global treaty that would limit the emissions of super-pollutants commonly found in refrigerators and air conditioners.

Two popular diabetes drugs outperformed others in large clinical trial

GW served as the prime awardee for the GRADE study and in turn funded the participating U.S. study centers.

Media Tip Sheet: Putin Calls Up 300,000 Reservists Following Retreat in Eastern Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is doubling down following a wave of Russian military setbacks in eastern Ukraine.

Media Tip Sheet: Slow U.S. Response to Monkeypox Puts Vulnerable Groups at Risk

An editorial published today calls the U.S. approach to monkeypox unequal and marked by a lack of reliable data, testing and vaccine access.

GW One of Eight Clinical Trial Sites Evaluating Monkeypox Vaccine

GW is one of the clinical trial sites evaluating alternative strategies to increase the number of available doses.

Media Tip Sheet: Virginia Governor seeks to roll back transgender student protections

The new policies say students’ participation in certain school programming and use of school facilities should be based on their biological sex.

Media Tip Sheet: Impact of U.S. Drought Conditions on Food Prices

Nearly half of the contiguous United States – 45% – are enduring drought conditions, according to recent data from