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New research shows even young, healthy people can develop symptoms consistent with long COVID

Study Shows Prevalence of Long COVID in a University Community

New research shows even young, healthy people can develop symptoms consistent with long COVID

Media Tip Sheet: Special education teacher shortage is at a critical level

The special education teacher shortage is at such a critical level, it’s the biggest issue facing the National Association of State Directors of Special Education.

Media Tip Sheet: Federal Reserve Weighing How Much to Raise Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve holds its first policy meeting of 2023 next week. Officials are weighing how much to raise interest rates.

GW Experts: FDA Considering Annual COVID Vaccine Rollout

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering an annual Covid-19 vaccine rollout strategy,  much like the way flu shots are handled. The FDA said this week that Covid-19 vaccines would need...

Yonatan Lupu

GW Study Links Offline Events to Spikes in Online Hate Speech

A new George Washington University study reveals that real world events are often followed by surges in several types of online hate speech on social platforms.

Aram Gavoor

Media Tip Sheet: GW Law Expert Available to Comment on Classified Documents Found at Mike Pence’s Indiana Home

The FBI and the Justice Department have launched a review of the newly discovered classified documents found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s house in Carmel, Indiana, to determine how the...

Media Tip Sheet: NIL and the Transfer Portal Changing Collegiate Athletics

NIL – the Name, Image and Likeness policy that allows college athletes to profit off themselves – is changing the landscape of college athletics.

Media Tip Sheet: LIV Golf Announces First TV Deal with The CW Network

The Saudi-backed LIV Golf league announced its first TV deal with The CW Network.

Media Tip Sheet: Nursing Workforce Challenges Amid Recent Strikes & Winter Surge of Viruses

Thousands of New York City nurses were back to work this week after a three-day strike, but the issues of staffing shortages, burnout, and high caseloads continue to mount for nurses across the U.S.

Media Tip Sheet: Debt Ceiling Concerns

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is sounding the alarm that the U.S. may reach the debt ceiling as soon as January 19.