Statement from GW President Steven Knapp Regarding Postings of Images and Text on Campus

October 31, 2007

Over the past week unknown individuals have posted offensive images and text on our campus. These acts have all the earmarks of hate crimes directed against members of our community. Such malicious acts are terribly damaging to our community and are not acceptable. Indeed, some of these actions constitute violations of District of Columbia law as well as GW's Code of Student Conduct. The University Police Department is actively investigating these incidents.

As I said when fliers appearing to express hatred of Muslims recently were found on our campus, there is no place for such acts at this or any other university. We do not condone, and we will not tolerate, the posting of images or texts that threaten or vilify any religious, ethnic, or racial group. I remain confident that such acts do not represent the sentiments of our student body and the university community as a whole.

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