Statement Regarding the Defacing of Several Small Crosses

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Please attribute to Tracy Schario, university spokesperson

January 29, 2009

The University learned this morning of an incident wherein several small crosses were defaced and posted to a bulletin board in the office shared by the GW College Democrats and the College Republicans. Upon learning of the incident, University Police immediately initiated an investigation.


So far, one student, who is a member of the GW College Democrats, has admitted responsibility and will face disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct. Any violations of University policies that occurred in connection with the incident will be handled through the Student Judicial Services process. The investigation continues.


President Steven Knapp said, "Such acts are unacceptable and are utterly incompatible with the spirit of mutual respect that is essential to the life of an academic community. I continue to hope and expect that all our students, no matter what opinions they hold, will conduct themselves in the spirit of mutual respect that has long been a hallmark of this University."

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