University Statement Regarding Training for Student Organizations

March 13, 2015

Statement from Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs Peter Konwerski:

The George Washington University (GW) supports a diverse community of more than 450 student organizations with varying beliefs and values.

We are aware that the GW Student Association (SA), which is a student-elected body, recently considered and passed several bills on a range of topics. The university has yet to receive the final versions of the bills that were passed. Bills passed by the SA serve only as recommendations to the university administration.

The GW Center for Student Engagement (CSE) organizes an annual, required training program for all registered student organization presidents and treasurers. This conference-style training day allows students to select sessions based on their organization's interests and needs. While the training is mandatory, students choose the sessions they want to attend. In fall 2014, a variety of these optional training sessions were offered, including on leadership skills, bystander intervention, fundraising and budgeting, diversity and inclusion, and LGBT Safe Zones.

The university is committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive environment for every member of the GW community. We value student input in discussing ways in which we can continue to ensure our campuses reflect and embrace a rich diversity of students, faculty and staff who are treated equitably. In that spirit, we expect all students to treat each other with dignity and engage in productive, respectful dialogue.