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In The Washington Post, Stephen Biddle, professor of political science and international affairs, and Ivan Oelrich, coauthored the article “Why the Ukraine separatists screwed up: Badly organized insurgents can’t master complex weapons systems.”
In The National Law Journal, Michael Kaplan, professorial lecturer in law, and Shana De Caro coauthored the article “Op-Ed: Concussion Settlement Is Deeply Flawed.”
Bloomberg Businessweek cited a study by GW researchers regarding the reliability of forecasts of Chinese growth in the article “The World's Fastest-Growing Economies Won't Be Scary Unless They Slow Down,” by Charles Kenny.
The Baltimore Sun quoted Jonathan Turley, J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law, in the article “The ‘Get Obama’ show goes on,” by Jules Witcover.
Time quoted John Banzhaf, professor of law, in the article “It’s Unlikely Tobacco Company Will Pay $23.6 Billion,” by Alexandra Sifferlin.