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Obama and Romney Insiders to Discuss Future of Digital Campaigning

August 20, 2014

Two presidential campaign veterans will discuss how digital technology has changed the face of modern campaigning, Aug. 27.

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Politico quoted Nikki Usher, assistant professor in the School of Media and Pubic Affairs, in the article “#Ferguson: Social media more spark than solution,” by Alex Byers.

U.S. News & World Report quoted Lara Brown, director or the Political Management Program, in the article “Wacky Political Ads Don’t Always Work,” by Nikki Schwab.

USA Today used responses from Orin Kerr, Fred. C Stevenson Research Professor of Law, among others, to help answer questions about individual rights when engaging with law enforcement in the article “Your rights during police encounters,” by Tony Hargro, Lori Grisham and Shane Music.

National Geographic quoted Alison Brooks, professor of anthropology, in the article “The Evolution of Diet,” by Ann Gibbons.

In the BBC, P.J. Crowley, public diplomacy and global communication fellow, authored the article “PJ Crowley: Foley video not intended for US audience.”