Demonstration Update: Removal of GW Flag in University Yard

May 2, 2024 - 7:05 PM

Today, protestors illegally removed a GW flag hanging in University Yard and replaced it with the flag of Palestine, a violation of D.C. law and university policy. GW police officers attempted to prevent the unlawful activity and instructed the protestors hanging the flag to desist. While intervening, the officers were surrounded by a crowd yelling hostile chants and were forced to withdraw to prevent further escalation of a volatile situation. Another flag was subsequently raised underneath the American flag on a nearby pole.

We emphatically condemn this aggressive act of lawlessness. GWPD officers have worked around the clock to ensure our GW community’s safety, and we are grateful for their efforts to keep our campus safe and secure.

GWPD is investigating the incident. Security officials remain present at the unauthorized encampment and are continuing to assess the situation.