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Measles Virus

Media Tip Sheet: Measles Outbreak in Florida Continues to Rise

Measles is a ‘heat-seeking missile’ experts warn as Florida’s outbreak grows. This is the largest measles outbreak in the U.S. right now.

Media Tip Sheet: Japan Joins Other Countries in Releasing Digital Nomad Visa, These Programs Mark Shift in Work, Travel & Living

More countries are now launching what’s called a new digital nomad or working vacation visa.

Destroyed tank russian's war in ukraine

Media Tip Sheet: New Study: War in Ukraine Has Caused More Mental Stress to Europeans Than the COVID-19 Lockdown in 2020

The outbreak of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine caused more mental stress on Europeans than the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, according to a new study.

Leah brooks

Media Tip Sheet: Department of Energy Allocates $350 Million for Rural Renewable Energy Projects

The Department of Energy has announced the allocation of over $350 million for rural renewable energy projects.

Media Tip Sheet: Biden Faces Dual Crisis: Budget Deadlock v. Ukraine Munitions Shortage

Biden grapples with urgent challenges as Congress struggles to pass a spending bill, risking a government shutdown.

Media Tip Sheet: Michigan Primary Becomes Test of Protest Vote Against Biden's Handling of Israel-Hamas Conflict

In Michigan's upcoming primary, a coalition is urging Democrats to vote "uncommitted" as a protest against Biden's approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

GW file image of the Cherry Blossom Trees in DC

Media Tip Sheet: DC Cherry Blossom Peak, “Who, What, When, and Why?”

On average, DC’s cherry blossoms bloom around the last week of March into the first week of April.

Media Tip Sheet: What to Know About Lead Exposure and Health in Light of Stanley Cup Lawsuit

The maker of Stanley cups is being sued over the presence of lead in its products. The primary allegation is that the company did not publicly confirm until January 2024 that lead is used in its...

Media Tip Sheet: Mexico City Faces Severe Water Crisis Amidst Climate Change and Urban Development

Mexico City is grappling with a severe water crisis exacerbated by a combination of factors, including climate change and aging infrastructure.

Media Tip Sheet: Last-Minute Negotiations Fail to Avert Looming Government Shutdown

Congressional leaders have failed to reach a breakthrough to avert a looming government shutdown deadline, risking vital services and programs.