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The George Washington University has faculty scholars available to discuss a wide range of topics, including the social sciences, sports, arts and humanities. Not sure where to begin? We can help you:


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Alexa Alice Joubin

Alexa Alice Joubin is a professor of English, women's, gender and sexuality studies, theatre, international affairs, and East Asian languages and literatures. She co-founded and currently co-directs the GW Digital Humanities Institute. An award-winning researcher and writer, she is an expert on race and gender in film and theatre, particularly global performances of Shakespeare.

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Eric Arnesen

Eric Arnesen is the James R. Hoffa Teamsters Professor of American Labor History. He is an expert on issues of race, labor, politics, and civil rights. In his research, Arenesen explores traditions of black trade unionism and labor activism, white union racial ideologies and practices and workplace race relations.

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Erin Chapman

Erin Chapman, associate professor of history and women’s studies, is an expert on U.S. racial discourses, African American gender politics and racialized popular culture. Her research focuses on gendered African American visions of freedom beyond emancipation from slavery and the cultural investment in African American women’s images and bodies that pervaded U.S. society in the midst of transformations in race politics, sexual mores and popular culture.

Headshot of Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford is an architect and assistant professor of interior architecture.  His professional, research, and teaching interests are focused on the intersection of design and digital methodologies, including the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as tools in the design process.

David DeGrazia headshot

David DeGrazia

David DeGrazia is Elton Professor of Philosophy at George Washington University.  His main areas of specialization are applied ethics and moral philosophy.  Within applied ethics he works on issues in biomedical ethics, animal ethics, and the ethics of gun policy.  In moral philosophy he concentrates on issues concerning moral status (what sorts of beings matter morally) and methodology in ethics.

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Thomas Guglielmo

Thomas Guglielmo, associate professor of American studies, is an expert on race and ethnicity, civil rights, immigration and social and political history. His research examines the U.S. military’s racial boundaries during World War II.

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Chad Heap

Chad Heap, associate professor of women’s studies, is an expert on sexuality, gender and urban history. Heap’s work examines the relationship between sexuality and the city in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, specifically on how urban culture and space helped shape Americans’ understanding of sexual practices and identities and contributed to the emergence of new sexual communities.

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Christopher Klemek

Christopher Klemek is an associate professor of history. He specializes in the political and intellectual shifts affecting urban policy and city life. His research includes a comparative analysis of the fate of older industrial cities in Europe and North America.

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Sumru Belger Krody

Sumru Belger Krody is senior curator at the George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum. Her research interests are late antique and Islamic textiles with special focus on the influence of technique and structure on textiles' artistic, social, and economic power.

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Sharon Lynch

Sharon Lynch, professor emeritus of curriculum and pedagogy, is an expert in STEM education, policies and innovation. Her research focuses on diversifying STEM academics in order to help underrepresented minority students pursue STEM college majors, jobs and careers.

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Eugene Montague

Eugene Montague, assistant professor of music, is an expert on music theory, popular music and punk rock. Montague's research focuses on many of the ways in which music interacts with movement, including music and dance, theories of performance and links between musical experience and human consciousness.

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Daniel Moshenberg

Daniel Moshenberg, associate professor of English, specializes in feminist rhetoric, women's literacy culture and women's mobilization. His research focuses on women's involvement in mass incarceration and in mass household-based labor, largely in the context of global political economies.

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Rachel Riedner

Rachel Riedner is an associate professor of writing and women’s studies. Her research combines an interest in the material conditions of women's lives with feminist teaching and activism that challenges representations of women. She is particularly interested in how feminist teachers can develop strategies for communicating across political and social divides.

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David Silverman

David Silverman, professor of history, specializes in Native American, colonial American and American racial history. His research focuses on the impact of violence and firearms on Native Americans, race in Early America and the history of the Plymouth colony and the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Gregory Squires

Gregory Squires, professor of sociology and of public policy and public administration, is an expert on urban sociology, race relations, urban development, racial inequality and community reinvestment. His research examines housing discrimination; continuing consequences of the foreclosure crisis; and gentrification and uneven metropolitan development.

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Lee Talbot

Lee Talbot is curator at the George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum, where he specializes in East Asian textile history. Before joining the museum staff, he spent two and a half years as curator at the Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, Korea.

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Robert Tuttle

Robert Tuttle, professor of law and religion, is an expert on church-state law and legal ethics. His research focuses on the government funding of religious social services; the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act; and the legality of same-sex marriage.

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Gayle Wald

Gayle Wald, professor of English and American studies, focuses her expertise on African American literature, United States popular music cultures, cultural theory, race theory and feminist and gender studies. Wald's research centers on cultural representations of the agency of gendered and raced subjects.

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Ronald Weitzer

Ronald Weitzer, professor of sociology, specializes the sex industry and both domestic and international policies regarding human trafficking. Weitzer has done research on police-minority relations in the United States and other nations (including Northern Ireland and South Africa) and he has also conducted a comparative investigation of the regulation of prostitution in Europe.

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John Wetenhall

John Wetenhall, director of the George Washington University Museum and Textile Museum, is an expert on European, American and contemporary art, and broader art history. His research has focused on modern monuments of the 19th and 20th centuries.