Health Experts

The George Washington University has a number of experts from the School of Nursing, Milken Institute School of Public Health and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences available to discuss various health and medical topics. Not sure where to begin? We can help you:

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Olga Price

Olga Acosta Price

Olga Acosta Price, associate professor of prevention and community health, is an expert on the role that schools play in helping children and adolescents with autism succeed, including the transition from high school to college or a career. Her work focuses on promoting evidence-informed policies, programs and practices in schools that support achievement and well-being for all children, including those with special needs.

Antwan Jones

Antwan Jones

Antwan Jones, an associate professor of sociology, africana studies and epidemiology, is an expert on urban neighborhoods, population health and racial/ethnic relations. His research focuses on the residential housing and neighborhood context in which individuals live as a way to understand health disparities among marginalized populations. He is particularly interested in child obesity and adult cardiovascular outcomes.

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Kaylan Baban

Kaylan Baban is an assistant professor of medicine. She specializes in preventive and integrative care to optimize all levels of wellness, and digital health with a focus on access and patient empowerment. Dr. Baban currently leads a clinical trial on the use of mobile devices in secondary and tertiary prevention of macular disease.

Joseph A. Barbera

Joseph Barbera

Joseph A. Barbera is associate professor of engineering management and systems engineering. Dr. Barbera has experience in emergency preparedness, including participating in scene responses to hurricanes, mine disasters, earthquakes, mass terrorism and biological terrorism.  Dr. Barbera has two decades of experience in programs to understand mass terrorism, manage response and recovery and reduce risk.

Mary Barron

Mary Barron

Mary Barron is an associate professor of exercise and nutrition. Barron’s research focuses on tracking injury rates in youth sports and the relationship they have to biological maturation. She can discuss children’s health and exercise science.