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Media Tip Sheet: Millions of Americans Under Extreme Heat Warnings

The first heat wave of the season is hitting California, Nevada and Arizona. The dangerous heat is bringing temperatures to over a 100 degrees to the western U.S.

woman looking at Airbnb app on her iPad

Media Tip Sheet: Airbnb Hosts Play Increasing Role in Shaping Short-Term Rental Legislation

There’s been a wave of new bills across the U.S. and in places like New York City that could make it harder for people to rent out their homes on a short term basis through apps like Airbnb.

Media Tip Sheet: Flying Venomous Spiders May Soon Appear in the U.S. Northeast

The Northeast U.S. is bracing for an invasion of giant venomous spiders with 4-inch-long legs that can parachute through the air.

New Study Finds Banning Fake News Traffickers Online Improved Public Discourse

New study looks at impact of removing misinformation traffickers from social media.

Media Tip Sheet: Senate to Vote on Contraception Access

Senate Democrats are holding a test vote today that would move forward legislation to protect women’s access to contraception.

Media Tip Sheet: AI Employees Letter on AI's Threats to Humanity

The Washington Post reported that “A letter signed by current and former OpenAI, Anthropic and Google DeepMind employees

Media Tip Sheet: Envigo Entities Pleads Guilty to Animal Welfare Act and Environmental Crimes

A Virginia owned company that bred beagles for research is ordered to pay after $35 million fine.

Mental Health

Media Tip Sheet: US has the Highest Maternal Mortality Rate among High-Income Countries

Women in the United States are much more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth than women in other high income countries, according to a new study. The report compares maternal death rates...

Media Tip Sheet: Biden Signs Executive Order to Temporarily Halt Asylum Requests Amid Border Crisis

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to temporarily shut down asylum requests at the southern border as daily encounters exceed 2,500. 

EV battery charging

Media Tip Sheet: Volvo to Launch First Ever Battery Passport for Electric Vehicles

Volvo Cars is launching the world's first EV battery passport. Starting in Feb. 2027, these passports will be mandatory for electric vehicles sold in the EU.