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New Logo for X (formerly Twitter)

Media Tip Sheet: Policy change at X will charge new users to tweet

It appears all new users on the platform X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, will have to pay to post content.

woman sitting at a computer with a BBC News page on a computer screen

Media Tip Sheet: GW expert shares three ways consumers can improve media literacy during the 2024 election season

With such polarizing topics and social media at our fingertips, how can media consumers think critically about the election information they’re receiving?

Media Tip Sheet: Venezuela Closes Its Embassy in Ecuador

Venezuela has closed its embassy in Ecuador.


Media Tip Sheet: Counterfeit Botox Spreading Through Multiple States

The FDA is warning unsafe counterfeit versions of Botox have now been found in multiple states.

two adult cicadas

Media Tip Sheet: Excitement Buzzing for Historical Emergence of Cicadas Happening Soon

or the first time in over two centuries, scientists are anticipating a historical convergence of two broods of periodical cicadas that are scheduled to emerge at the same time in the U.S. Midwest and...

Media Tip Sheet: FDA Approves App To Help Treat Depression

Rejoyn, a smartphone app is the first prescription digital treatment for depression approved by the FDA.

GW Researchers Find Enhanced Education About Sensitive Skin Is Needed Throughout Residency Programs

Researchers at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences published an article in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology shedding light on the educational exposure and...

Neil Johnson Online Hate Networks Study

Online Hate Thrives and Survives on Smaller Social Media Platforms, Study Finds

New research published in the journal npj Complexity shows that online hate thrives because of a hidden inner web of many small social media platforms – not the few large platforms.

Media Tip Sheet: WNBA Draft and Season Look Ahead

A lot of eyes were on the WNBA draft last night, as Iowa Hawkeyes star and the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer Caitlin Clark was selected first round by the Indiana Fever.

house speaker Johnson

Media Tip Sheet: Republican Infighting Threatens Speaker's Leadership Amid Foreign Aid Dispute

House Speaker Mike Johnson faces mounting pressure from within his party, as far-right members threaten to depose him through a motion to vacate.