GW Experts Available to Discuss Watergate 50-Year Anniversary

June 17, 2022

50 years ago this Friday, five men broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. The burglary sparked a political scandal unlike any the nation had experienced before. The crime and the subsequent cover-up led to the conviction of high-ranking White House aides and cabinet secretaries and, most notably, the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

George Washington University professors are available to discuss Watergate as a historical event, a political earthquake, and a cultural and social touchstone. If you’d like to schedule an interview, please contact the GW Media Relations team at [email protected].

Lara Brown is the director of GW’s Graduate School of Political Management. She is an expert on the presidency and can focus on President Nixon’s role in the Watergate saga and how the legacy of Watergate continues to reverberate in today’s politics.

Matt Dallek is a political historian and a professor in the Graduate School of Political Management. He can provide a comprehensive account of the Watergate scandal and delve into its immediate political aftermath.

Timothy Shenk is an assistant professor of history who specializes in the political and intellectual history of modern America. He can discuss how Watergate influenced American society and helped shape how Americans view their leaders for generations.

Elisabeth Anker is an associate professor of American studies and political science and the director of GW’s Film Studies Program. She can discuss the portrayal of the Watergate scandal in media and how the event influenced American culture.