Media Tip Sheet: 2023-2024 Supreme Court Term

October 2, 2023

Supreme Court Building

WASHINGTON (October 2, 2023)—Today marks the Supreme Court’s back in session sign. After avoiding a government shutdown over the weekend, the Supreme Court welcomed back its nine justices to their bench. As of now SCOTUS has 23 cases on their 2023-2024 docket.

Legal experts at the George Washington University Law School are available to offer insight, commentary and analysis on a number of topics related to the upcoming term. If you would like to speak with an expert, please contact Media Relations Specialist at [email protected].



Paul Berman

Paul Schiff Berman is the Walter S. Cox Professor Law at the George Washington University Law School. Professor Berman is one of the world’s foremost theorists on the interactions among legal systems and is an expert in constitutional law previously clerking for the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Alan Morrison




Alan B. Morrison is the  Lerner Family Associate Dean for Public Interest and Public Service Law and Professorial Lecturer in Law at the George Washington University Law School. Dean Morrison is a constitutional law expert and has argued in front of the Supreme Court 20 times in his career.