Media Tip Sheet: Activists push prayer into schools

August 2, 2022

“In Michigan, a superintendent is pondering whether coaches should lead students in pre-game prayer. A school board member in Florida wants her district to teach students about prayer and offer religious studies. In Hawaii, the leader of a faith- and family-focused activism group sees a path to altering state policy that says public-school employees cannot initiate prayer on campus.” (via Washington Post)

Dr. Kelly Sherrill Linkous, GW ProfIf you are looking for an expert to discuss this growing issue, please consider Dr. Kelly Sherrill Linkous, Assistant Professor of Educational Administration at the George Washington University.

Kelly Sherrill Linkous, Esq., J.D., Ph.D. legal research expertise includes special education law, First Amendment law, employment law, and other areas of law applicable and relevant to public schools. She is an Editorial Board member of the Education Law and Policy Review. She teaches School Law to MA, EdS, and post-master’s certificate students as well as doctoral-level courses on Leadership and Dissertation writing. She has chaired or is chairing over 45 dissertation studies.

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