Media Tip Sheet: American Airlines Sues Travel Website Over Popular Travel Hack, Skiplagging

August 25, 2023

American Airlines Plane stopped at an airport gate

American Airlines is suing a popular travel website that sells tickets to travelers by exploiting a loophole in ticket pricing. According to the Associated Press, American sued Skiplagged Inc., accusing the website of deception and threatening to cancel every ticket it sold. The so-called travel hack is called skiplagging or hidden-city ticketing, where travelers book a flight that includes at least one stop, but people leave the plane during a layover. The practice is typically legal and can save people money, but airlines say it violates their policies. The website, Skiplagged, helps people find these flights.

GW's Jungho Suh

Jungho Suh is a teaching assistant professor of management at the George Washington University School of Business. His areas of expertise include service management, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), entrepreneurship, human resource issues in the service industry, sustainability & ESG reporting in the travel industry, digital platforms in tourism & hospitality, and gastronomy tourism.

In a recent interview with The National Desk, Suh said there are likely to be more lawsuits against the practice. 

“More lawsuits seem inevitable because of course this ongoing strand of technological advancement and tech innovation like disruptive innovation. The other thing is the short-term travel trend caused by the revenge travel phenomena,” Suh said of the trend of people booking big trips in ‘revenge’ of the pandemic, or a period of time of being unable to travel. 

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