Media Tip Sheet: Elections in Iran Take Place Friday

February 29, 2024

flag of Iran

“The first elections in Iran since the nationwide anti-government protests of 2022 take place on Friday. There will be two separate polls: one for members of parliament and the other for members of the Assembly of Experts, who are responsible for appointing, dismissing, and overseeing Iran's Supreme Leader, the country's most powerful figure and commander-in-chief. The elections are seen as a crucial test for assessing the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic's regime.” (Via BBC News)

Sina Azodi

If you would like more content on this matter, please consider Sina Azodi, a Visiting Scholar & Lecturer of International Affairs at the George Washington University. He teaches a graduate course on Iran’s foreign policy in the Middle East. His research interests include international security, nuclear nonproliferation, and U.S.-Iranian relations. Azodi's current research involves exploring the roots of the Iranian nuclear program and his dissertation, "Continuity and Change in Iranian Nuclear Program," critically investigates the Iranian nuclear program since its inception in 1950s until 2003.

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