Media Tip Sheet: Michael Cohen As Witness in Trump's Hush Money Trial

May 14, 2024

WASHINGTON(May 14, 2024)-- Michael Cohen returned to the witness stand today in New York for Donald Trump’s 2016 Hush Money Trial. Cohen testified yesterday and is to be cross examined today by Trump’s current legal team. The Washington Post’s live coverage reports that Cohen “continued testifying Tuesday in Donald Trump’s hush money trial, saying that he repeatedly lied to protect his former boss.”

GW faculty experts are available to offer commentary, insight and analysis on this historical New York Trial. To speak with one of our experts, please contact GW Media Relations at [email protected]



News Coverage

Jesse J. Holland is an assistant professor and the associate director of the GW School of Media & Public Affairs. He is an award-winning journalist and the author of the first novel featuring comics’ most popular black superhero, The Black Panther. He is a former Race & Ethnicity writer for The Associated Press, having been recognized as one of the few reporters to be credentialed to cover all three branches of the American government during his career: the White House, the Supreme Court and Congress. Holland can discuss how media coverage can affect what’s going on in the courtroom and how coverage will define the impact of this case.



Stephen A Saltzburg, Wallace and Beverley Woodbury University Professor of Law; Co-director of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Program at the George Washington University Law School. Professor Saltzburg is an expert on evidence, procedure and litigation. Professor Saltzburg has held numerous governmental positions and continues to serve as a mediator for the U.S. Court of Appeals for DC. Additionally, Saltzburg is one of the leading voices on Trump’s criminal trials and manner.


Campaign Implications

Danny Hayes, professor of political science, is an expert on campaigns and elections who can discuss the current election landscape and provide insights and analysis on current campaign strategies. He is an author of three books, all published by Cambridge University Press: News Hole: The Demise of Local Journalism and Political Engagement (2021); Women on the Run: Media, Gender, and Political Campaigns in a Polarized Era (2016); and Influence from Abroad: Foreign Voices, the Media, and U.S. Public Opinion (2013). His work has been supported by the National Science Foundation and has appeared in the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Political Behavior, and numerous other academic journals.

Peter Loge is the director of GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs. He has nearly 30 years of experience in politics and communications, having served as a deputy to the chief of staff for Sen. Edward Kennedy during the 1995 shutdown, a VP at the US Institute of Peace in 2013, and held senior positions for three members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Loge currently leads the Project on Ethics in Political Communication at the School of Media and Public Affairs and continues to advise advocates and organizations. 

Todd Belt is the director of the Political Management Program at the GW Graduate School of Political Management. Belt is an expert on the presidency, campaigns and elections, mass media and politics, public opinion, and political humor. In addition to his expertise, Belt is co-author of four books and helps to run GW’s political poll, which recently shared new findings