Media Tip Sheet: Tech Leaders Call for Pause on AI in Open Letter

March 30, 2023

abstract of artificial intelligence

“More than 1,000 technology leaders and researchers, including Elon Musk, have urged artificial intelligence labs to pause development of the most advanced systems, warning in an open letter that A.I. tools present “profound risks to society and humanity.” (via The New York Times)

GW faculty experts are available to offer insight, commentary and analysis on a number of aspects related to the AI race. If you would like to speak with an expert, please contact GW Media Relations at [email protected].

David Broniatowski, associate professor of engineering management and systems engineering at the George Washington University and associate director of GW’s Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics. Broniatowski conducts research in decision-making under risk, group decision-making, system architecture, and behavioral epidemiology. His areas of expertise include AI development and trustworthy AI as well as the spread of misinformation/disinformation online.

David Karpf, associate professor of media and public affairs, focuses on strategic communication practices of political associations in America, with a particular interest in Internet-related strategies. Particularly, Karpf has been closely following Elon Musk’s role in the technology and AI space, including Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter.