Media Tip Sheet: Writers Guild of America Reaches Tentative Deal with Hollywood Studios

September 25, 2023

close up of the Hollywood framed between two branches of a palm tree

The Writer’s Guild of America reached a tentative deal with Hollywood studios, an agreement that would end the months-long strike that’s halted most TV and screenwriting in the U.S., according to The Washington Post. The strikes, which started in May, was one of Hollywood’s longest labor disputes, with both sides divided over issues such as pay for writes and the use of artificial intelligence in creating scripts. After the new contract is written and approved, voting is tentatively scheduled to start on Tuesday.

GW's Pat Phalen

Patricia Phalen is the assistant director and an associate professor at the George Washington University School Media and Public Affairs. Phalen brings over 25 years of experience researching the intersection of media, culture, and human behavior. A lifelong interest in writing about human life experiences that captivate, inspire and offer thought-provoking conversations has led her to work in academia, television, and government. Her academic research focuses on the economic sociology of mass media organizations, particularly the various occupational cultures at work in television production.

Phalen teaches courses at GW such as Hollywood & Politics and Media Organizations & Audiences. Her areas of expertise include politics and popular culture, Hollywood television production, women in media and audience research.

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