Media Tip Sheet: LIV Golf Announces First TV Deal with The CW Network

January 20, 2023

“LIV Golf has its long-awaited television partner, a large affiliate network in the United States that has no other sports programming but will offer the controversial league a large platform to show its product. The CW Network—the C is for CBS, the W for Warner Media—has entered into a multi-year agreement to televise LIV Golf tournaments including this year’s 14-tournament schedule that begins late next month in Mexico.” (via Sports Illustrated)

GW Professor Lisa Delpy Neirotti

If you’re looking for context on this matter, please consider Lisa Delpy Neirotti, an associate professor of sport management at the George Washington University. Delpy Neirotti has been a professor of sport, event and tourism management at GW for more than 30 years.

Professor Delpy Neirotti has been following the new league closely. She can speak to the impact this long-awaited deal has on the league and what this means for the league’s legitimacy.

If you would like to speak more with Professor Delpy Neirotti, please contact GW Media Relations Specialist Cate Douglass at [email protected].