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Media Tip Sheet: How Coastal Areas can Better Respond and Prepare for Hurricanes

Five Years After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico and other Coastal Communities Are Still Not Prepared

Media Tip Sheet: Patagonia Owner Gives Away Company to Fight Climate Change

If you would like more context on the matter, please consider John Forrer, director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility at the GW School of Business.

New GW Research Explores How Principals Can Disrupt Inequitable Practices in K-12 Schools

Combating social inequality and injustice in society starts in the classroom. But, doing so isn’t just about creating more equitable policies in K-12 schools.

New GW Poll Shows Confidence in Government Institutions Remains Stagnant

Voter confidence in United States government institutions remains largely unchanged, according to a new survey by the Society of Presidential Pollsters at GW.

Media Tip Sheet: U.S. Inflation Remains Persistent

U.S. inflation rose more than anticipated in August, raising concerns that another big interest rate hike is likely to come.

Media Tip Sheet: Sen. Lindsey Graham's Proposed Abortion Legislation

The senator proposed legislation that would prohibit abortions after 15 weeks nationwide while allowing states to impose bans that are more restrictive.

Media Tip Sheet: NASA Eyes New Launch Date After Fixing Leaks with Artemis I

NASA is now eyeing September 27th as The Artemis I lunar mission's new target launch date, after delaying that date following two failed launch attempts.

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Media Tip Sheet: GW Law Expert Available to Comment on Trump Filing in Special Master Ruling

Former president Donald Trump's lawyers filed court papers arguing against any pause in the ruling for a special master to review documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

Media Tip Sheet: Ukraine's Successful Counteroffensive

The Ukrainian military is scoring a series of victories in its ongoing counteroffensive in the northeastern part of the country.

Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Announces its 2023 Cohort

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity U.S. + Global is proud to announce its 2023 cohort — 20 global leaders dedicated to combating health disparities.