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Media Tip Sheet: Hospitality Industry Faces Continued Staffing Shortages

The hospitality industry hasn’t quite recovered from the pandemic like other sectors of the job market have. A GW expert is available to discuss these trends.

Fall 2022 Media Training Video

The media relations team held their first media training session of the fall 2022 semester.

Media Tip Sheet: Digital Equity in K-12 schools

If you are looking for an expert to interview on digital equity in K-12 schools, please consider, Natalie B. Milman, Ph.D.

Cybersecurity | via Pixabay

Media Tip Sheet: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

GW has several experts available to discuss various cybersecurity topics throughout National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Media Tip Sheet: Companies Lack Preparation for Disasters like Hurricanes

GW research finds some major corporations are well-equipped to handle the aftermath of extreme weather events, while other companies are not.

Media Tip Sheet: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Maria Can Help Save Lives Today

Research conducted after Hurricane Maria details the most vulnerable communities at risk in Puerto Rico and Florida as they recover from Hurricanes Ian & Fiona

Media Tip Sheet: Emergency Response to Hurricane Ian in Florida and Southeastern U.S.

Search and rescue efforts continue in Southwest Florida, as communities and emergency management teams in South Carolina now brace for the impacts of Ian.

Emily Hammond

Media Tip Sheet: GW Law Expert Available to Discuss Supreme Court Case Sackett v. EPA

The Supreme Court’s term begins with Sackett v. EPA which may substantially reduce the number of wetlands and waters protected under the Clean Water Act.

More than Two Dozen “Friend of the Court” Briefs Urge the Supreme Court to Preserve Medicaid as an Enforceable Right

Twenty-five friend-of-the-court briefs urge the Court to preserve Medicaid’s legally enforceable rights.

Losing the Battle for Hearts and Minds Early in a Crisis

A new George Washington University study shows who talks to who, and who listens to who, as a global crisis emerges.